Why Choose Us As Your Part Time Maid Agency?

Looking for part time maid agencies? The number of families with little or even no time left to clean their house, especially after a long work day, is countless. As time passes, such families get used to staying in dirty, unhealthy environments. This in turn makes some of the family members to suffer due to poor hygiene. Your home hygiene has an impact on all your family members, and may even affect their stress levels.

A dirty home will hinder family members from having the relaxation they need after long hours of work. It also poses a significant number of health issues related to bacteria and germs. These are naked to the human eye but are always at work. It is important for every family to consider taking proper care and ensuring that the home is always clean.

It can be quite a challenge for family members to manage all your household chores, especially if they all have jobs. Daily cleaning can be much tiring and stressful if your family members are always tied with busy schedules.

This can however, be easily solved by hiring part time maids who will undertake to do all sorts of chores in your home. You’ll definitely find a large number of companies offering to provide part time maids. Choosing one from this vast number might also become a daunting task. So, what should you consider when deciding on the agency that suits you best?

Different companies will offer different packages. You should select an agency that suits your budget best, cost-friendly and reliable. Some unreliable maid companies will not hesitate asking for huge chunks of money, only to provide terrible and unsatisfying services. You might end up losing lots of cash.

There is ultimately no reason why you should go through all these. Maid Agency offers several packages depending on how many cleaning sessions you want. There are daily, weekly and even monthly contracts. The number of sessions or hours can always be increased as per your demand.

Our set prices for the different packages are in accordance with the work quality delivered by our maids. There are no additional agent fees or any hidden charges. You can thus be certain to receive what you pay for. Our rates are affordable to all kinds of families belonging to diverse lifestyles.

Professionalism is an aspect every company, not just the maid agencies, should take into consideration. A good company is one that ensures professionalism and credibility in providing all their services. Professionalism in a company implies that the firm is providing quality work as a way of keeping their part of the bargain.

At Maid Agency, we ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with the work delivered and ascertaining that all our maids are trustworthy. You’ll be able to call in the maids whenever you deem fit to do so, whether during the morning hours or evening hours. It solely depends on your availability, and also that of the maids. If you deem it fit, you can still call in a maid once in a while if you wish to see them work under your supervision.

A good maid agency firm should be well-versatile, offering to attend to different kinds of home chores. Our maids are able to provide almost all kinds of home chores including kitchen cleaning, dusting of rooms, vacuuming and cleaning of your floors, cleaning and ironing of your clothes. You are also free to get a one-time cleaning of the home, especially when nearing occasions or if shifting to another house.

Maid Agency is a licensed and accredited part time maid agency that has been providing reliable services to become a top trusted agency in Singapore. We are a great source of properly trained and experienced experts in this field. Our firm specializes in providing home chores services. If you have already experienced the feeling of being in a clean and fresh home then you surely understand what we mean.

Here is why you should choose us as your preferred part time maid agency:

We ensure that all clients are able to benefit from the efficiency and dedication offered by the maids we have recruited. They are well suited to handling almost all kinds of chores with minimal supervision. You can be rest assured that all will be well with your home.

You have all reasons to choose us, based on the fact that our maids are trained using a unique approach, contrary to that used by most other affiliated training centers. They have all the relevant skills required to be efficient domestic helpers.

You can be certain to have quite an easy time working with your part-time maid since they have got all the skills to facilitate proper adjustment to any new environment. This is achieved with the incorporation of our training programs that aim at enabling our maids to easily adjust on arrival at your home.

Up to date technology is used in training our maids. You can be assured that no damages will be caused since they are trained to properly use all kinds of appliances and equipment that you may have in your home. They are constantly equipped with all necessary skills require to operate latest forms of appliances which make entry into the market.

We make use of a personalized selection process. This helps in ensuring that all domestic assistants recruited are well-committed and responsible enough. As a result, they are able to deliver top notch performance.

One thing that we don’t comprise is offering quality service. We are dedicated to improving the standards of our maids in order to supply you with competent helpers. They are also certified by the government agency of Singapore, proving that they ensure high level of professionalism in providing services to you. This certainly guarantees you of satisfaction in the long run.


There is nothing that can be worse than working with a person you can’t trust fully to deliver services that you require. It is very stressful, and you will be left with no peace of mind. You will always feel worried whether the hired maid is messing things up and providing unsatisfactory services in your home. To be sincere, the services offered by maids should not pose as a stress cause to you, or even any other family member.

With Maid Agency, you can be rest assured that any work you need will be done, essentially to satisfy you to the level best. We are a professional agency that will go through the whole process with you, provide you with the most suitable maid and deliver smooth services. There are lots of benefits you will get accrued to upon choosing our highly esteemed services. You won’t have to worry any more about whether you’ll get reliable services.

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