Home Child Care Services
Home Child Care Services

Home Child Care Services – You may have heard the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ The reality is that it often takes a village to support a mother. Parenting children is a task most would agree is not best attempted in isolation. In times past, the symbolic town would be the community of other mothers in the local area. Women would spend most of their time at home with their children. They tended to have more children, and extended families would live within walking distance.

Mothers would have grandparents, aunties, cousins, and the mothers of the local community as a support network. Raising children and supporting mothers in their roles was the shared purpose within communities. Children would benefit from a wide range of influences, and mothers would have readily available Childcare to manage the labor of the home.

With increased global opportunities and travel, having extended family to hand is no longer usual for many families. As mothers gain work outside the home, there is little time available to cultivate the village of support, although many mothers would agree it is needed now more than ever. Modern women and mothers have more responsibilities, often working outside the home, caring for children and elderly family members. Known as the sandwich generation, these parents have their time and resources spread thinly, leading to burnout and mental health problems.

Help For the Family


Day-care settings, cleaners, gardeners, and cooks support busy parents. Hired individual staff is the modern-day equivalent of the village communities of the past. Families can balance their jobs, caring responsibilities, and time by outsourcing some household labor. Resting and recharging, spending quality time with children, and looking after their needs means parents can feel happier and more present. Having fewer tasks to complete ensures parents can prioritize and focus on their families needs.

A Specialist Maid Service

Home Child Care teaching homework
Home Child Care teaching homework

Choosing professional help around your home can be a difficult decision. Family budgets are often stretched, and a Specialised Maid Service with childcare expertise provides exceptional value. Working with a single service provider reduces administrative work and creates a more personalized experience. Below is just a snapshot of the services our Specialised Maid Service can help you with.


Our maids are experienced in caring for children from newborns to teens. The maids will work with the family to tailor their care to match the family’s schedule, preferences, and values. Our maids are trained to provide safe, high-quality care supporting child development and education. Our maids offer support with homework and educational activities and games that help children with their schooling.

Educational Support

Instead of choosing between a tutor or a maid, you can employ a maid who tutors! We have maids who are university students in various subjects and can provide specific subject tutoring and help around the house. Having just one provider for both services can make life easier, and your children will spend more time with the maid than they would a regular tutor. The familiarity will help them learn and move them toward their educational goals.


If you have a special event, a work conference, or even a date night with your spouse, our maids can provide overnight Babysitting. You can have a great time knowing your children are cared for by a responsible and reliable adult. Children will feel comfortable in their own homes and have all their usual comforts to hand. Your maid will be in contactable and work with you beforehand to understand how to provide the best care for your children.

Household Duties

Cleaning, tidying, and organizing are where our maids excel. Help with housework can free up your time outside work and calm your mind. Our maids can ensure your house is ready for guests at any moment. An orderly home can help the whole family’s day run more smoothly. You can feel more at ease knowing the chores are done, from regular visits to more periodic deep cleans. Our maids use the best cleaning products and techniques to ensure a sparkling finish.


We all understand the benefits of outdoor activities and real-life experiences for our children. While we often endeavor for these events to involve the whole family, it is only sometimes practical. Our Specialised Maids are insured to take up to two children out of the home and help with the family logistics. This could be driving to extracurricular activities or accompanying them to a classmate’s birthday party. Our maids have an extensive repertoire of exciting outdoor activities for children. Knowing your children are having fun; you can enjoy a few hours of quiet time in the home.

Why Choose a Specialised Maid Service?

Specialised Maid Service in Singapore
Specialized Maid Service in Singapore
  • Have one regular maid instead of multiple workers
  • Easier to communicate and manage expectations and responsibilities
  • Children will feel comfortable and create familiarity
  • A range of tailored packages available to suit all budgets
  • Using a single service provider offers excellent value for money
  • Background checked, qualified and competent staff
  • Regular customer catch-ups to ensure high service standards
  • A wide range of maids available to suit your requirements

Feeling the pressure of managing your responsibilities and having no time left for enjoyment? Are you worried your children are not getting the help they need with their studies? Struggling to address before and after-school care? Are you concerned you are risking burnout trying to do it all? Do you wish you had an extra pair of hands or an extra parent around to help out?

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