Elderly Care Services in Singapore
Elderly Care Services in Singapore

Elderly Care Services in Singapore – A clean, orderly home calms the mind. A space that suits your needs, where you feel comfortable, is critical to enjoying all the seasons of our lives. Not worrying about the list of outstanding tasks helps us relax and focus on what matters. A home where everything is in order and place can help us fulfill all our responsibilities effectively and effortlessly. A clean and orderly house can benefit our physical and mental health.

A home free of dust, pet hair, and allergens can improve respiratory health. A house free of bacteria and regularly cleaned can prevent the spread of illness in a household. As we get older and enter retirement, we spend more time at home. Our physical needs may change, meaning we need a safer environment with fewer hazards. It can seem more challenging to keep on top of all the seemingly never-ending work involved in maintaining the home we want. Read on – Elderly Care Services in Singapore:

Could a Maid Service be Right for You?

Taking Care of Elderly in Singapore
Taking Care of Elderly in Singapore

As we enter our wisest years, we may find managing specific tasks around the house more difficult. Mobility issues, fatigue, and ongoing medical conditions can all impact our ability to care for our homes. We may find that our priorities have changed, and we want more time to travel, pursue hobbies and play with grandchildren. We may have varying caring responsibilities for our partners and family members, making maintaining our homes less of a priority. A busy life can complete balancing household tasks with other duties a worries.

Specialized Maid Services for the Elderly

Specialized Maid Services for the Elderly
Specialized Maid Services for the Elderly

Unlike a traditional maid, our specialized service comes with additional features. Each of our maids has experience supporting elderly clients with their specific needs. Our maids help their elderly clients remain safe and independent in their homes. The following is just a snapshot of the services we can provide. Our services focus on helping senior citizens who want to remain independent but may need an extra hand around the home. Our staff provides a reliable and respectful service that considers an individual’s preferences and requirements. Each of our customers is treated like family, and we take pride in providing personalized and high-quality maid service to all our customers.


Our service will sort soiled laundry, washing, dry, and iron. Fresh laundry will be hung up so you can have clean and new clothes ready for the week ahead. Bedding, blankets, and soft furnishings can also be regularly cleaned, keeping you comfortable without lifting heavy loads or spending hours sorting and hanging clothes.

Garden and Outdoor Maintenance

Weeding, planting, mowing, and pruning can be back-breaking and uncomfortable in different weather conditions. We offer routine outdoor maintenance so you can enjoy your garden and outdoor space as often as possible. The fresh air without the hard work will ensure you get all the benefits of the outdoors.

Grocery Shopping

Our specialized service can help you order groceries online and unpack them on arrival, or you will go to your favorite store to pick up those essentials. Our staff can also offer a driving service and assistance while out in stores so you can take the time to indulge in shopping for any clothes or gifts you may need.

Personal Care Support

Our maids ensure your home and garden look their best and can help you look your best. Our maids can offer support with hairstyling, simple manicures and pedicures, and facial hair removal. All our staff receives training on providing personal care safely and respectfully.

Medication Support

If you have multiple medications, keeping track of what you have and when you need to take it can be a chore. It can be easy to forget or mix up medication, which can have serious consequences. Our staff can order regular medicine, help organize the doses for each time of day, and track when more medication is needed.

Administrative Support

With express permission and cooperation, our maids can check your post, read emails and send any communications you need. They are also able to speak to service providers on your behalf. Our maids can help with any problems and ensure you are treated fairly and respectfully by any company you are dealing with.

General Household Tasks

Our maids are the best with basic household tasks such as vacuuming and dusting. They can clean windows, floors, and everything needed to keep a home bright and fresh.

Food Preparation

Our maids are trained in food hygiene and preparation. They can prepare and batch-cook homemade meals at the store during their visit. Our maids will prepare food in line with dietary needs and preferences, so a nutritious meal is always available.

Benefits of the Specialised Maid Service

Caregiver giving Elderly meal
Caregiver giving Elderly meal

Feel at ease knowing that the heavy-duty housework is taken care of and you have help to keep your home manageable. Also, free to prioritize your hobbies, family, and pets. Feel confident that your home looks fresh and tidy for any family or guests to visit. Feel safe knowing that your home is clean and disinfected to a high standard. You can feel the peace of mind that a loved one has the support they need at home.

Why Choose a Specialised Service?

  • Experienced maids, fully insured and background checked for your peace of mind.
  • Qualified to assist with meal preparation, medication, and personal care
  • Excellent customer reviews, with many returning and ongoing customers
  • Discrete and sensitive service, and we endeavor to provide the same maid for constant visits wherever possible
  • Tailored packages are available, starting from one-off deep cleans to daily household visits to suit a range of budgets

Are you seeking professional and reliable elderly care services in Singapore? Call us today to learn more about how our Specialised Maid Service can help you achieve your lifestyle goals!

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Are you seeking professional and reliable elderly care services in Singapore? Call us today to learn more about how our Specialised Maid Service can help you achieve your lifestyle goals!