11 Traits Of A Professional Maid Agency

As a homeowner, hiring a maid to help you with the household chores is quite an undertaking that needs to be done carefully. It is even trickier if you are a parent and the maid has to handle your child when you're not around. It is for such reasons that you need to source your potential candidate from a professional maid agency. Nonetheless, not every agency delivers what it promises, and thus you should be equally careful before settling of a particular agency.


Below are 11 traits that every professional maid agency should possess.

It Should be Fully Licensed

An agency that takes its business seriously should be operating legally and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the industry. It should have the licenses, work permits and registrations as stipulated by the law. Ask for the legal documents before hiring a maid from any agency and be wary of agencies that will give all sorts of excuses when you request to see the legal documentation. Besides, a professional maid agency needs to have the necessary papers for their maids including education certificates and any other supporting documents. Be sure to check the authenticity of the documents.

It Should be Reliable

A good maid agency should be in a position to offer its services at short notice. The agency should give a guarantee that if a maid doesn't meet your expectation, you should get a replacement at no extra cost. If you can't get a good maid, the agency should give an affirmation of refunding your money in a month's time. When an agency is reliable, it becomes a lot easier hire a maid that fits in with your work schedule, particularly if you want the maid to work on a part-time basis.

It Has a Wealth of Experience

The number of years an agency has been in the industry determines how well its understand the customer's needs. That way, it can change as the market evolves. As a client, you're more likely to get a maid agency that adequately meets your needs if its has been in existence for at least 5 years. A background check should tell a potential client how many years the agency has conducted its business and whenever possible the most notable clients its has dealt with. Simply put, an agency with a considerable amount of experience is likely to be a better choice in comparison to a newly formed agency.

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It Should Have a Good Reputation

A professional maid agency has to have a good reputation. It needs to attract good reviews from previous customers. One of the easiest ways to find out if an agency has a good reputation is by asking clients or friends who have used the agency before to rate their services. A good agency will attract positive online reviews and high ratings from satisfied clients. Customer reviews can be read on the agency's official website as well as other independent reviews online.

It Has a High Employee Retention Rate

The number of employees a maid agency retains in a span of 12 months says a lot about its professionalism. A high retention rate, in essence, means that the maids who have been processed through the agency have stuck with the employer whom they were assigned to. That shows that the housemaids carry out their duties professionally, hence their employers have chosen to continue seeking their services. A good retention rate is anywhere between 65% and 80%.

It Has an Insurance Cover

Disasters can strike any time, and a professional maid agency knows this, thus it has an insurance policy in place. An agency that insures its maids is wary of the fact that job-related injuries and illness may occur and that the maid has to be adequately covered for medical expenses and financial lost. An insurance policy also assures the employer of compensation in the unfortunate event of theft by the maid.

It Has a Robust Online Presence

In the advent of increased internet connectivity, a well laid, interactive website is a must for a professional maid agency. The site should serve as a one stop shop for any potential client who wants to know more about the agency. It should be easy to use and in a format that allows visitors to get the information they need fast. Contact details, the hours of operation, rates and physical location of the agency should also be displayed on the website.

Professional Maid Agency

Contract Papers

Every client needs to know the terms and conditions of the agreement he or she is getting into with a maid agency. As such, the agency should have contract papers that will be duly signed by all the involved parties. The contract should stipulate the amount to be paid by the client for processing, the commission due to the agency, the maid's salary and any placement fees. The presence contract gives both the agency and the client an avenue to seek legal respite in case the terms and conditions of the contract are breached.

Its Maids are Professionally Trained

A professional maid agency trains its helpers to enable them to carry out their duties in a manner that will meet the client's expectations. The house helps are trained on how to relate to customers and how to avoid conflicts. In fact, an agency's retention rate is determined by how well is maids can correlate with the customers. The agency needs to train its maids on a constant basis because the market demands keep changing. The more an agency invests in training its employee, the higher the rate of customer satisfaction.

Ability to Offer Customized Services

The customer needs will vary from one client to the other, and a professional maid agency should be able to offer tailor made services as required by the client. With adequate training to its maids, this should not be such a problem. Ultimately, the customer should get the kind of services they want, even if it means changing the standard terms of the agreement. In other words, an agency that is serious about attracting new customers and retain the ones it already has should be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of every client.

Fair Pricing

While market forces determine the pricing, the price should reflect the quality and service an agency is offering. The agency should charge its services according to the package. Thus, various packages should come at different prices. Again, a professional maid agency will offer discounts whenever possible, especially for regular and long term clients.

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