How To Keep Refrigerator Food Fresh Longer?

We all know that fresh food is not only good for health but it is good in taste as well. That is one of the basic reason we all use refrigerator in our house, but that machine also does not much good for the food. In most of the cases refrigerator food stays fresh for a day or two and after that it start losing its freshness, taste and values as well. And if you do not use your refrigerator food in short time, then it get spoiled and become completely useless for you. I don’t have to explain how disappointing that can be because you not only lose your money with it, but you also need to throw away the food while many people don’t get their daily meal. Thankfully, there some tips that can tell you how to keep refrigerator food fresh longer and I am sharing those tips below with you.


Buy what you need: I agree, you may not be expecting this suggestion, but that would be the most important suggestion from me for this particular subject. You must understand that you can extend the life of refrigerator food for a certain time, but after that it will start having complications in it. So, if you will buy so much food that you can consume in a couple of weeks, then it will be a mistake from you. In that situation you can’t blame your refrigerator nor you can blame any other trick for not keeping your refrigerator food fresh. So, it is strongly recommend that you buy only what you need and you can consume that in one week or less time.

Make an inventory: You have to understand that some food start spoiling in less time while some other food take longer time to spoil. If you will have an inventor of your refrigerator food, then you will be able to consume your food in a much better way. You can consume those foods such as banana, green beans, cherry, mushroom, etc., before other foods. It will certainly help you save your food and you will be able to get most of the value from your food. Also, managing your inventory will make it easy for you to do the shopping for next week and you may try not to buy that food material that you already have in your fridge.

Store fruits and vegetables separate: Many fruits produce high amount of ethylene gas which is not good for many other fruits and vegetables. Due to the effect of this gas, other fruits may start ripping and it can affect on your vegetables as well. So, ideally you should keep both of these things in separate divisions or sections. If that is not possible for you, then you should try to keep that in your fridge keeping it packed in plastic bags. That will not only reduce the effect of ethylene gas on other food items, but it can increase the life of your refrigerator food as well.


Keep green leaves in airtight container: It does not matter what your refrigerator maker say about freshness of green vegetables, you should not trust their opinion. You should always keep all the green vegetables in an airtight jar in the fridge. When you will keep it in an airtight jar, then its moisture will remain inside the vegetable and that will stay fresh for a longer time. If you cannot use an airtight jar in your fridge, then you should keep it in a plastic bag and you should remove all the air from it. Indeed, you may not remove the complete air, but if you will remove most of the air from it, then you will be able to get really long time for this kind of refrigerator food. 

Keep in fridge what is needed: You don’t have to keep everything in fridge, but sometime people do not care much about it and they keep everything in the refrigerator. You must understand that onion, garlic, potato, or squash is not refrigerator food and you can store it outside as well. If you will keep it in refrigerator, then it will take unnecessary space and you will not find it easy to get good outcome with it. So, it is advised that you do not make this mistake as well to have better outcome. 

Keep vegetables in bottom: In your fridge, you should always keep the vegetables in the bottom to increase the lifetime of these food products. In some cases, you should chop the top of your food or vegies to keep them fresh for a longer time. For example, if you are storing, carrot, radish, beets and similar other root vegetables, then you should remove the top of these food material. It will help you keep them fresh and moisture for a very long time.


Do not remove the packing: If you are buying some product that are packed in a packing, then it is advised that you remove its packing only when you are planning to use it. They design the packaging to increase the lifetime of that food material and if you will remove the packing then that refrigerator food may not last for a longer time. Also, you should check the note or storing suggestion for those food products and you should follow those suggestions that is one more thing that can help you keep your refrigerator food fresh for a longer time.

In addition to these tips, it is also important that you keep your refrigerator in good condition. If your fridge is not in a good condition, then it will do uneven cooling and that will affect the life of your refrigerator food as well. So, it is advised that you keep an eye on this particular situation as well and if you notice your refrigerator is not working smoothly, then you should call an expert to get it repaired without any delay. That one precaution can help you on so many great ways with utmost simplicity.


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