Home Cleaning Checklist

It is not possible for you to do a general cleaning in your house every day. This is because it consumes a lot of time and it would be impossible to do it every day. It is for this reason that many people do a thorough general cleaning to their houses once in a period of time. Depending on your general cleaning intervals, the time and manpower required to do a thorough cleaning varies. The size of our house is also an important factor to consider when you are considering to do a general cleaning. There are companies that offer general cleaning services in case your house is too big for you to handle on your own or you do not have the time.

Cleaning Checklist

Doing a general cleaning every day is difficult. However, this does not mean that you do not clean the house at all. There are activities like dusting the furniture, cleaning the floors and clothes that are done very frequently. This is mainly done on a weekly basis by many people. This way, you prevent the accumulation of excess dirt on the surfaces of your home. There are home cleaning checklist guides that enable you to efficiently clean your spaces. There are also home cleaning checklist apps that you can download on your devices. A home cleaning checklist has steps that you can follow to ensure your house is neat and tidy. Here are some of the general steps to follow;

Get rid of unwanted things

1. When you want to start your cleaning, you can put some music or something that will cheer you up and make you lively.
Then start going from room to room, checking for all the things you do not need anymore. Some of these things could be old newspapers, DVDs, clothes and shoes, books and even computers that you do not use anymore. You can get rid of them, recycle them or donate them to reduce the junk in your house. This also applies to your closet, organize it and minimize the clothes in there. In preparation for the dusting activity you are going to do, you can turn off all the bulbs and fans to prevent damage or accidents.

2. Dust

Use microfiber cloths to dust the tops of doors, fans and even picture frames. These microfiber cloths help to improve the quality of air in your space and also reduce the allergens that might be in the air. For the cobwebs, you can use damp cloths and tie them to the end of the mop. Brooms are also effective in removing cobwebs. When you are dusting the glass surfaces like the TV and the computer monitor, you can use a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth with a glass cleaner. This will help to reduce the streaking that may damage the screen. Your wooden furniture should also be dusted and waxed once in a while.

Cleaning Checklist

3. Vacuum and sweep

Ensure that all your floors are thoroughly vacuumed and swept to expose all the hidden dirt and lost materials. With the vacuum cleaner, ensure that the bag is not already full and hit all the floors in your house.

4. Mop and treat the floors

When you are mopping, ensure that you start room the corner that is furthest from the entrance or door and mop towards the door. Ensure you frequently rinse the mop or rag to get rid of the dirt. When you are treating your floors, skip the kitchen and treat all the other floors. Scrub all your sinks using disinfectant and soap to ensure that all the germs and bacteria are eliminated. The bathroom and toilet are also very important and should be cleaned thoroughly. The toilet bowl for example should be thoroughly scrubbed using a brush.

Why you need a home cleaning checklist

There are many advantages of a home cleaning checklist to an individual who desires to have a clean and tidy space. Some of the top advantages include the following;
• It allows you to be able to clean your house efficiently. The tips in the home cleaning checklist ensure that you do not miss a spot when cleaning your house. It is also easy because all the things you are supposed to do when cleaning your house are listed, you simply follow the steps. It is also a reference point when you are cleaning your house.

• A home cleaning checklist also has a cleaning schedule. This is especially very helpful to people who require a lot of time to clean their houses and have a busy schedule. With the cleaning schedule, you can allocate different chores to different days. This way, you are able to reduce the workload and not exert yourself to much trying to clean the whole house in one day.

• The checklist has tips for both general and specific rooms. This is because the method you use to clean one room is not necessarily efficient for the other room. For example the method used to clean the house floors and bathroom tiles is very different. With the house cleaning checklist, you are able to get the correct procedure to clean all the rooms in your house in the right way without ruining anything.

Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning the house everyday may be difficult, time consuming and tedious. This is why many people prefer to clean the house on a weekly basis. However, this may be difficult for other people who have full time jobs or very tight schedules. Whichever the case, a house cleaning checklist is very helpful. A house cleaning checklist gives you tips on how to clan your house. There are general cleaning tips and specific tip for specific rooms. A house cleaning checklist is important because it helps you follow the steps when cleaning the house to avoid doing it wrong. It is also important to help you refer and ensure that you have not forgotten any step when cleaning your house. With the home cleaning checklist, you are also able to create a cleaning schedule in case you have a very busy routine and you cannot be able to clean the house on a weekly basis. It helps to reduce the workload by allocating different chores to different days so that you cover them slowly.

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