Full Time Maid Vs Part Time Maid

In the past and even in some countries, having a maid was considered a status symbol. However, in cities like Singapore, every individual is determined to live a better life. But imagine entering your house after a busy day and spending the whole weekend doing household chores. You cannot even find time to spend with your loved ones. If you are living such a life, you need to seek the services of a maid. But should you hire part time or full time maid?

Full Time Maid Vs Part Time Maid

If you want to hire a maid, the best option is hiring a part-time maid. A part time maid has more benefits than a fulltime maid. However, he or she will only come to your house to clean it whenever you need it. You can contact her directly or contact the cleaning company the maid works for. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a part time maid.

Hiring a part time maid is a more affordable option to many people because you will not have to pay for the maid's monthly salary. In addition, you will not worry about giving him or her lodging and food. You will just pay her based on the number of hours she will work for you. This means if you do not like strangers living in your house, then you can go for part time maid. The other benefit of hiring part time maid is that, in the future, it will not cost you more since you will not cover the other expenses that come with full time employment.

We have all heard of cases of fulltime maids abusing and molesting children at home. Some cases are even worse than abusing the children like bringing strangers into your home without your permission. Since most of these reports are on the news, many people do not trust fulltime maids. Even though there are some good fulltime maids, it is good to take be careful. Some maids are even from others countries. While some people have gone to a point of installing CCTV cameras in their houses, why can't you just hire a part-time maid?

Full Time Maid Vs Part Time Maid

Remember the cost of installation and employing guards in your house. If you have other people living in the house, especially the senior and their English is not that good, they will have a hard time communicating with the maid since most fulltime maids are not local. This means they do not understand the habits and culture of the locals. This will result in making a lot of mistakes when washing dishes, clothes and many more.

Part time maid services are very simple. When you seek her services, you will be using his or her services as per your comfort and needs. For example, you can hire a maid to go to your home and clean it because you have an important event taking place. The maid can also come after the event is over. On the other days, the helper will not come to your house. Part time maids are experienced, highly trained and skilled. Cleaning company services will also go an extra mile to hire and train their cleaners. This means you can be sure that the maid you will hire will demonstrate amazing skills when cleaning your home.

Hiring part time maid is a lot simpler than hiring a fulltime maid. This because you do not have to go through a long list and pay deposits to make sure you get the right person. You only need to call the cleaning company, choose your date and time, then sit back, relax and enjoy as your house is transformed into a five-star house. Part time maids always understand the benefits of living in a clean environment. They also know that a satisfied client will always come back with a friend. Hence, it is very important for them to ensure that the cleaning process meets or even exceeds the customer's demands.

Full Time Maid Vs Part Time Maid

You also need to understand that there is no privacy at your house with fulltime maid in the house. Again, it is compulsory for employers to give fulltime maids a day off every week. This means you will have to find another person or make arrangements for the young ones and the seniors at home. But the option of hiring a part time maid is different and even cheaper. Professional cleaning companies charges according to the frequency of the service or size of the house. In fact, hourly cleaning charges on weekdays are cheaper than public holidays or weekends. The part time maid will come to your house to perform general cleaning work and you can be assured that your house will be kept clean and very tidy.

Part time maids mostly work during daytime when you are not around or when doing home-based business. After he or she has finished the tasks, they leave the house immediately. So if you are around, you can have the freedom or the privacy that you want. Most professional cleaning companies also provide elderly care and baby-sitting services but you will be charged additional costs on top of the cleaning charges. The benefits of part time maids are many. They make their services available on a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis, and they do not have any hidden charges. This means you can pick a service that suits your exact requirements. Part time maids give you a chance to save on time and money. Moreover, all their cleaning products and equipment are professional and fully sterilized. They also use friendly cleaning products which are very safe for your children, pets and the entire family.

However, before engaging any cleaning company, it is important to source around. Make sure you choose properly and do some research. You should only choose a trustworthy and a reliable cleaning company that has positive testimonies. Even though we are not categorizing fulltime maids, we the mentioned advantages of part time maids, you can tell that hiring a part time maid is the best option. It is one of the most efficient, affordable and fastest way to achieve a clean house.

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