Can Full Time Maid Clean My Car?

Looking for a maid service in Singapore to look after your car? Yes, we are here to provide you a full time maid service. But still, some of our clients have questions that it is legit or not. We assure you that it's completely legit in Singapore constitution and you can hire a maid without any hesitation. Our maid agency is providing the full time maid for your car cleaning. Let's take a detailed look on the whole things.

Clean Car

We have been in the enrollment business for a long time concentrating on Filipinos' maid, we verify our clients are content with what they are searching for and have a decent involvement with us. We regard our client's issue as our issue and guarantee we put in our top need to help taking care of issue. We are a permit recuitment organization under the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore furthermore an authorize office with the Singapore Employment Agency Association, you can be guaranteed of our dependability and legitimates.

We select and meeting potential residential laborers ourselves. After manager chose a maid as per their necessities, we will send the maid for medicinal examination in Manila, in the event that she passed the therapeutic examination, she would experience preparing for different family unit errands including treatment of kitchen instruments, types of gear, ventures in washing dishes, cleaning method for living, feasting, room, restroom & kitchen. She will likewise be prepared in table setting and pressing a wide range of garments, material and fabric. In extra, the preparation likewise incorporates cooking, tyke & newborn child consideration and elderly care. To be a successfully partner, the maid additionally presented about identity advancement, state of mind and conduct in order to guarantee she finds herself able to adjust to new workplace in Singapore.

One favorable position that living in Singapore offers is reasonable residential help. A few expats – particularly singles or couples without youngsters – find that maid benefit more than once every week is sufficient. In any case, for others, particularly those with families, a full-time maid to help with cooking, cleaning, shopping, pressing and childcare can be a gift. Most assistants in Singapore are from the Philippines or Indonesia and are tireless, honest ladies why should working backing their families back home.

The Cost

Low maintenance maids are accessible for in the middle of $10 and $20 60 minutes, and can be contracted autonomously or through an organization. Full-time, live-in maids can be procured for as meager as $450 every month, despite the fact that expats frequently pay them $650 or all the more, contingent upon their level of experience. Bosses should likewise pay a month to month demand (right now $265) to the Singaporean government, in addition to a security obligation of $5,000. Bosses are in charge of giving convenience, protection, nourishment and medicinal tend to their maids, notwithstanding contracting expenses, airfares for half-yearly home leave, exchange costs, and a yearly reward.


First-time head honchos must finish an Employers' Orientation Program, which includes going to in individual ($20), or taking a three-hour online course ($30). Visit for more points of interest.

Clean Car


Most expats give them each Sunday and open occasions off, in addition to a two-week occasion like clockwork to their nation of origin. To counter the example of maids working without rest, the Ministry of Manpower has commanded that from 1 January 2013, all head honchos give partners one three day weekend for every week (or be repaid in the event that they decide to, or are obliged to work).


Charges fluctuate, however from around $400, a maid organization will discover you a maid, and will as a rule allow you to meet a few. On the other hand, you can source a maid yourself (sign on to the Ministry of Manpower site), yet the procedure can be confounding. A few expats who are leaving Singapore help their maid to look for some kind of employment by promoting on notification loads up or by overhearing people's conversations.

Tips for an effective meeting

Request that your potential partner record her qualities, what machines she can utilize, what she can cook, and why she might want to work with you. Be in advance about what you need your aide to do. In the event that you have supper late, or need your partner to be a babysitter as opposed to a maid, say this amid the meeting. The aide additionally needs to settle on an educated choice about you!  Check her English abilities. Request that her read a formula so everyone can hear from one of your cookbooks. A few assistants have great "meeting English" however not so much good broad English. Inquire as to whether she has a spouse or kids to backing back home. This will assist you with comprehension her reasons and inspiration for working here.

After your aide begins to work for you

In the event that you have kids, pay consideration on regardless of whether they are content with her. They are an awesome indicator of how she cooperates with them when you are not around. They ought to additionally approach her with deference.
A yearly reward is a decent approach to demonstrate your thankfulness and will energize unwaveringness. Correspondence can be a test. You may need to rehash what you say to your assistant in light of the fact that, despite the fact that she communicates in English, we regularly sprinkle our discourse with expressions she may not get it. On the off chance that you experience a clear gaze, you may need to reword what you simply said. Advise your aide to come to you in the event that she needs cash, despite the fact that you will most likely be unable to offer it to her. This maintains a strategic distance from the danger of her drawing closer an advance shark, and she may react with appreciation and a recharged duty to buckle down for you.

Tell your aide that untruthfulness is justification for release.

Give your aide a calendar, and let her know the hours you need her to work, and the house's guidelines. It's less demanding to unwind the guidelines later than organization new principles in the wake of something has turned out badly.

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