9 Benefits On Hiring Transfer Maid

Most families need assistance from a dependable maid even though some parents prefer to be more hands on with their children and even their home. In Singapore there's always two ways of securing a full timer maid. One of the ways is to get a maids from  agency while the other way is to direct employ transfer maids. For many cases in Singapore, maids are usually employed through a reputable agency and this might look a bit expensive. Sometimes these maids might cost up to about $4,000 for one maid.


Looking at this, you find that there are several benefits that are associated with hiring a transfer maid rather than the one that is still living in the home country. Take a look at the following nine benefits of hiring a transfer maid in Singapore.

1. They are already trained
In most of the modern Singapore households, there are electrical appliances and a maid picked directly from her home country might not have that knowledge and skills to operate them. A maid hired from another employer has already received training about the professional and personal hygiene that they are expected to have. This is where most of the maids give hard time to their employers and if you get a new hire who have never worked in Singapore, then it might be a bit hard on you.

2. There is direct contact between the maid and the employer even before the employment

This can be referred to as the greatest advantage of hiring a transfer maid because the employer can have a personal interview with the maid before hiring her. In a household that has children, hiring a live-in maid is a very big step. Therefore, when a maid is interviewed in person, a trust is developed and the family can now leave the children under the care of the maid with much comfort because of the trust developed. The employer can simply ask some few thought out questions to the maid concerning the childcare and this will be enough for the employer to know whether the maid can take care of their child or not. Now in Singapore if you get a new hire from the agencies, you will not have that opportunity to interview the maid in person and it might be a bit risky.

3. The communication is easy

The maid who has worked in Singapore before has already acquired some local language and idioms and this makes the communication very easy. Try to imagine getting some new hires who have never worked in Singapore before, communication can become a very hard thing.


4. There are no issues of homesickness with the maid

A maid who has been living out of her country for a while now will be very easy to work with because she will be no longer having home sickness. The maid will be very comfortable in the house because she is even adapted with her living conditions in the country. The maid will even have accepted the new culture that she has gotten in Singapore. The maid will therefore have a single focus in performing her duties.

5. You can get information about the maid before the employment

There is always an opportunity for you to know about the maid. There are several sources of getting information about the maid. One of the sources of information about the maid is her current employer. You can obtain a consent form from the employer, medical records and any other information that you might need for the transfer. This will help you know even how to treat her because there are some questions that you might not feel free to ask the maid and only the current employer can give you the full information. Another source of information about the maid is her employment records that you can check at the MOM (Ministry of Manpower Singapore) website.

6. The maids are available to help

The fact that the maid is already residing in Singapore makes it very easy for the employers to get them. The maids are always nearby and readily available to assist. This also saves on the time of the residents since they shall not spend much time in searching for the maids from foreign places.


7. They are experienced

Besides the fact that the maids have already been trained, they also have enough experience in getting the work done. The maids through their experience have enough knowledge about the expectations of the Singapore employer and they will therefore give the residents an ample time to deal with them. The residents become more secure when they employ a transfer maid to take care of the children. The reason for this is that these are women who have already mastered the appropriate mannerisms to impart on the children.

8. They are satisfactory

These maids are always satisfactory to the residents because the final decision of the employer is based on the current requirements for a maid. The transfer maids are therefore the best choice for the residents because enough experience is very essential. The fact that you can interview the maids face to face also makes the employer get that maid that will satisfy their needs.

9. They are cheaper

When you hire a transfer maid, there are some expenses that shall be eliminated. Some of these expenses include the cost for arrival ticket, medical check-up, fee for entry test, fee for safety awareness and much more. These expenses are eliminated because the maid had already done this since she is currently a resident of Singapore.

Many families in Singapore lack time to take care of their house and children. The reason for this is that in most cases, both the husband and wife are employed and they therefore do not have enough time to be at home. Even when they return home from their jobs in the evening, they very tired and because of this, they need a maid to help them. Hiring a fresh maid may force either the husband or wife to suspend sometime of going to job so that they may train the maid first. When you hire a transfer maid, much time will have been saved because they do not need all that time of orientation, just a small time to show them what to do in the house and that is all.

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