5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Part Time Maid For Your Home

Is your housework becoming too much for you? If the answer is yes, then getting a part-time maid might be your solution. A maid will help you to clean your house and do other house works. There are many reasons why people opt for a part-time maid in Singapore. Unlike a fulltime maid who you will have to house and pay them expensively, part-time ones will only visit your home when you need them, and they are cheap.

Part Time Maid

Although many companies are offering this service in Singapore, getting the right part-time maid is not a simple thing. You have to be very careful when selecting a maid as you need someone who you can trust with your home. However, when equipped with a few tips, it should not be a tricky thing. Following are five tips on how to choose the right part-time maid for your home.

1. Ask for help

When you want to hire a part time maid, you don’t have to test several companies to get the best one. This may cost you much time and resources. To avoid this hassle, you can ask your colleagues, friends, and relatives to recommend you the best place to get a part time maid. With guidance from someone, it will be easier for you to get the right one as you will have an idea about various people or companies offering the service. Referral from friends and colleagues will help you to know the pros and cons of each company offering the service. With this, you can get your fit with fewer struggles.

2. Cost

Cost is a factor that you should consider when hiring any service provider. There are many companies with exaggerated prices, and when getting a part-time maid, you should check the rates from various providers to avoid exploitation. Always remember price doesn’t determine the quality you will get. All that you want is your washrooms and kitchen to remain clean. Every company will have its rates and quality; you should go for the one with the best price and quality. Setting a budget will also guide you.

3. Experience

When interviewing different companies, don’t forget to ask them how long they have been offering the service. Although a new company may provide an excellent service, getting an old company will save you much time. An old company will have experienced maids who know what the clients want. You will give them fewer instructions and get your work done the way you wanted. Experienced part-time maids may charge expensive than the new companies, but this should not confuse you. They will have a small difference in rates, but the convenience you will get is worthy.

4. Check for reviews from previous clients

A part-time maid is someone who will get access to your house and even the most sensitive parts such as bedrooms. You need to ensure the one you choose has no past criminal records as this will determine your safety. The only way to know about the history of a company is by checking their reviews from past clients. As many companies in Singapore have a website, you can visit their reviews from customers and know what customers are saying, If you find many complains you shouldn’t choose that company. When previous clients are happy, it means you are also going to get your housework done in an efficient and timely manner.

5. Ask questions

After checking customer reviews, you need to know if the maids will offer precisely what you want. Don’t hesitate on asking any question. Call the company on the phone and ask them questions to understand what you should expect. Ask them what they use for cleaning, the time they will take, their license information, and any other question you might have. The part-time maid you get should be in a position to offer exactly what you want. Asking question will help you to know more about the person you are hiring.

Part Time Maid


Getting a part-time maid can save you from the hassle of dealing with house works with your tight schedule. However, for you to benefits much from a maid, you need to get a reputable one. Consider the above tips to get your next one.

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