10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Maid Agency

Finding a good maid to help you take care of your home is one of the most stressful things you have to go through. Entrusting your kids and all your valuables in the hands of a complete stranger is no joke. Furthermore, as an employer, there are some specific needs that you want your maid to fulfill. If you find one that is not quite good enough to meet those needs, it can be a real headache. You want a professional, who will keep your home just as you want it, and maybe even do some extra things that you had not thought of. Your home is supposed to be your safe haven and you do not want to come home from a busy day at work to find that your maid has not done what you specifically asked them to. This is why you should do a proper background check on them to ensure that they are trustworthy and qualified to do the job. You do not want to have to let them go and go through the process of searching for a maid as it might be really hectic.

Hiring A Maid Agency

Even though there is no way of ensuring that your maid is perfect, here are some few tips that will definitely help you in selecting the right maid for you and minimize your chances of ending up with a bad maid.

1. Verify the agency's credentials

Make sure that you also do a proper background check on the agency you are working with. You might want to go with an agency that has been recommended by a family member or close friend because they will definitely give you all the pros and cons of working with that particular agency. You might also want to hire a popular and reputable agency that has a website because you can get their reviews online. This way, you will be sure that whichever maid they are sending is reliable and in case of anything going wrong, you will always have someone to hold accountable.

Also, check their statistics. Make sure that they do not have a high turnover and high accident rates. These are all warning signs. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Furthermore, you are hiring them to look for a suitable maid for you.

You should also get a complete breakdown of the fees you will be paying them for them to carry out this service and if and how fast they can refund the money. Some agencies do not refund the money you paid them when you terminate the employment contract with the maid. You should also get to know the number of replacement maids you are entitled to, how long it takes to get a replacement and what to do if they can not find a replacement for you.

Hiring A Maid Agency

2. Make a list of all your expectations

What do you want your maid to do for you? Is the maid only for cleaning or do you need them to cook as well? If you have a baby, will you need them to look after your baby too? This is why you need a detailed list of all your expectations as it will help you when going through the bio-data. If you are going through an agency, you might want to give them your list so that they may know from the get-go what you prefer. During the interview, you should also ask the potential maid if they do not mind doing some of the chores you want them to.

If you want a maid who cooks for you, you should take some time to train them on how to prepare the dishes that you love. They might not be from Singapore and are unfamiliar with some types of dishes. Therefore, do not expect them to immediately get it right. Just be patient and keep on training them until they perfect their cooking.

3. Language and Nationality

Always verify whether your maid can at least speak some English. This puts down the communication barrier between the two of you and they will be able to understand whichever instructions you give them clearly. To test their communication skills, prepare your interview questions in English and you might also want to ask follow-up questions and observe how they reply to you.

The question of nationality basically arises when it comes to shared interests and beliefs. It is easier living with someone who shares the same culture and practices the same religion as you. They will also be able to cook some of the food you love and there definitely won't be a communication barrier. It becomes much simpler living with them in the same house.

Hiring A Maid Agency

4. Employment history

New maids who do not have any experience as maids or employment history are usually far much cheaper than the experienced maids. The con is that you will have to spend a lot more time in training them and since they are not used to living in Singapore, they might fail to adjust. This might cause them to end their employment prematurely. You might also want to do a background check on her situation back at home to avoid any complications with her employment commitments.

On the other hand, experience maids who are a bit more expensive, do not come with the problem of adjusting to life in Singapore. Although, they bring forth another problem why didn't their previous employer renew their contract? It is advisable to contact previous employers to get all this information and also check out all the blacklisted maids. Warning signs are when a maid was with several employers for periods less than a year with each employer.

5. Medical tests

It is very crucial that you conduct all the medical tests that you can afford on your maid for communicable and infectious diseases prior to them starting their employment. This is especially important if your maid will be handling food and taking care of your kids. The medical tests should be done by a registered doctor in Singapore within 2 weeks of her arriving there. Only then will a work permit be granted.

There have been so many tragic news concerning maids all over the world. This is why you should take your time in selecting the right one, not only for your own safety but for your family and home as well. It is better to spend so much time in the selection process and end up with the right one than to rush through it and risk your life.

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